AOW-Environmental awareness

3 04 2012

I disagree that school aged children are less environmentally aware than older generations. Examples of older generations being more aware of the environment in my family, school, news, and the article are as follows: in my family, I try to encourage my parents to recycle more. At school, my class focused on improving the environment. In the article, kids from around the world are trying to fix their environments. In the news, many tv channels encourage kids to make a difference.

Kids can make a difference. There are many opinions about environmental awareness at the moment. Some people say that kids aren’t environmentally aware. Some say adults aren’t any better than the kids. However I do have an opinion on the matter. I believe that kids are more environmentally friendly than adults.

In the article that I read today, it talked about environmental awareness. Due to research, it seems that kids aren’t nearly as environmentally friendly as their parents or grandparents. People are saying that this generation isn’t taking the responsibility that they should to protect the environment. This can’t be true though, as I have seen many kids taking action on the environment.

Back when I was in sixth grade, we did a project to help the environment. During this project, we spread environmental awareness around the world, and picked up some litter around our school. Our class did a lot of good for the environment, and I can imagine that we aren’t the only kids trying to make a difference. I believe that taking action makes us more environmentally aware than the generations before us.

Overall, it is my view that kids are taking better care of our environment than adults. We recycle, we clean up litter, and spend time outdoors. Kids are really making a difference. We are the future of this world, and so we are trying our best to protect it.



AOW- Effects of Texting

8 03 2012

Texting can ruin you. Texting makes us think in a different way. This thinking is not healthy for us, and  help us lose our ability to learn new words. So even if some people say that texting is good, it truly isn’t.

After texting, our brains start to process words differently. According to Joan Lee, a conductor of a master’s thesis in linguistics, texting makes it increasingly difficult for us to learn new words. Words like LOL, or g2g, make it more difficult for us to recognize new words. We get so used to writing textisms that we don’t bother learning about the word, or word stems in the word. Texting also takes away reading time, and it is said that reading helps us improve our vocabulary and language.

It is true that we lose our ability to recognize new words due to texting. Students in my classes are unable to recognize new words as possible words, because they spend a lot of their time texting. These same students often time don’t spend much time reading, and so their vocabulary doesn’t advance. This can be a dangerous combination; losing vocabulary, and not learning any new vocabulary. I believe that this reason may make texting dangerous to our minds.

Overall, texting does us no good. Sure, with texting we can get our words spread around faster, but it truly isn’t worth it in the long run. Texting can be dangerous, and this shouldn’t be ignored. So, the next time you text someone, think to yourself first; Is losing some of your intelligence really worth it?



AOW- To Much Practice

1 03 2012

Practice doesn’t make perfect, over practicing does. As research shows, this statement has recently become true. Practice no longer makes perfect.

About a month ago, new research appeared showing that while you may be able to do something perfectly, that is just the beginning of your practice. The research stated that even after you think you have finished practicing and you can execute something perfectly, over practice actually makes your brain more attuned to doing the action that you are practicing.

This article surprised me. I didn’t know that over practicing would help you, I thought that it would just add more stress to your life. Doing some tests of my own, I realized that this statement was correct. The more I practice, the better grasp I have on something.


AOW- Orphanage in Kenya

16 02 2012

Have you ever found yourself fighting for your life against thieves? Twenty-four year-old Anthony Omari has. Just last week thieves attacked the orphanage where he helps his mom. So while Omari may not own the orphanage, he sure has done a lot to help it out.

Ever since Christmas, thieves have been raiding the orphanage where Omari works. The first time they attacked, Omari threw a hammer at one to protect the orphans. When they came back, they were coming for revenge on him.

It’s really sad that this is happening in some orphanages. I can’t believe that anyone would break in to one and hurt little kids. It was very brave of Omari to risk his life to protect them.


AOW- Does Talent Matter

2 02 2012

This week I read an article about weather or not talent matters. This article provided a lot of scientific insight on the question. I never actually thought that there would be such science to a matter about talent, but here’s what I thought of the article.

Talent does matter a little, but practice matters more. Scientific research can prove this. As stated in the article written by David Hambrick and Elizabeth Meinz, ““best” players had accumulated an average of over 10,000 hours, compared with just under 8,000 hours for the “good” players and not even 5,000 hours for the least skilled.”. So, for example, if you thought that you were really bad at something, you could still be good at it if you practiced enough.

I found this article very interesting. I would’ve always thought that you had to have a real talent for something instead of just practice and becoming good. I really wonder what inspired someone to do this research? Anyway, I goes practice makes perfect is true!


AOW-Writing Tips from Sponge Bob

26 01 2012

Wisdom can be found in many different places. For example, you could get wisdom from a little kid. You might get wisdom from your parents. Or, in this case, you might get it from under the sea.

The article that I read today was about Sponge Bob, and how we can use the characters on the show for writing tips. You can care only about yourself and not the reader, like Mr.Krabs; you might use other people’s work like plankton, you might be boring like Squidward, you might not sound like an expert like Patrick, or you might work hard and do your best like Sponge Bob.

I think this is a really good example of finding wisdom in different places. I would have definitely never thought to look for it on a nickelodeon cartoon. So keep an eye out, and look for wisdom in unexpected places.


AOW- When Sharing Is Stealing

23 01 2012

Today I read an article about a woman who took a picture from her plane of a spacecraft going through the clouds. She tweeted the picture, and now nearly everyone has seen it. The woman’s name was Stefanie Gordon, and due to the popularity of her photo, she is now in the middle of a debate over copyright

I really wonder why people are talking about this so much. I mean, it would make sense if Stefanie had been upset about people using her picture, but she really isn’t. Stefanie just saw something cool, took a picture, and tweeted it.

Overall, I thought that this article was interesting. Stefanie’s isn’t the first case of this happening. Every day people use photos that aren’t theirs. It’s considered normal. It may not be right, but if someone doesn’t care how their photo is used, I don’t think anyone should make a big deal out of it.