Book Discussion Post 1

7 05 2012

For my group’s book discussion, we are discussing Wednesday Wars. In this first discussion, we spent some of our time getting to know the sixth graders in our group. When we finished talking about ourselves. we started to discuss our book. All of the sixth graders had read about the first four chapters. We asked them questions that we thought of about the book, and they gave us detailed answers. It was very fun.

Next time for our book group, we plan on having them finish the first ten chapters. That way we can get farther into the discussion and finish in three weeks. I think  this will be quite simple as they are all advanced readers. In the book, cream puffs play a big part, and we have decided to bring the students in our group cream puffs in the last week. If they behave, that is. They have agreed, and I believe that we will have a very good time next week.





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