AOW-Environmental awareness

3 04 2012

I disagree that school aged children are less environmentally aware than older generations. Examples of older generations being more aware of the environment in my family, school, news, and the article are as follows: in my family, I try to encourage my parents to recycle more. At school, my class focused on improving the environment. In the article, kids from around the world are trying to fix their environments. In the news, many tv channels encourage kids to make a difference.

Kids can make a difference. There are many opinions about environmental awareness at the moment. Some people say that kids aren’t environmentally aware. Some say adults aren’t any better than the kids. However I do have an opinion on the matter. I believe that kids are more environmentally friendly than adults.

In the article that I read today, it talked about environmental awareness. Due to research, it seems that kids aren’t nearly as environmentally friendly as their parents or grandparents. People are saying that this generation isn’t taking the responsibility that they should to protect the environment. This can’t be true though, as I have seen many kids taking action on the environment.

Back when I was in sixth grade, we did a project to help the environment. During this project, we spread environmental awareness around the world, and picked up some litter around our school. Our class did a lot of good for the environment, and I can imagine that we aren’t the only kids trying to make a difference. I believe that taking action makes us more environmentally aware than the generations before us.

Overall, it is my view that kids are taking better care of our environment than adults. We recycle, we clean up litter, and spend time outdoors. Kids are really making a difference. We are the future of this world, and so we are trying our best to protect it.





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