Book Discussion 3

21 05 2012

Our third and final book group was very fun. All of the students in our group finished the book and we had a good conversation. Our group discussed the various themes of the book as well as our favorite characters.
As something special for the last meeting, we brought our group cream puffs. We chose cream puffs because they related to a part of our book. Everyone loved these. Overall,I think that the book group was a good project for our class. We were able to create advanced questions for our book, and we also were able to have a advanced discussion with our group.



Book Discussion Part 2

7 05 2012

This  week was the second book discussion of the Wednesday Wars. The discussion went fairly well. All of the kids in our group are nearly finished with the book except one. He promises to be finished by the next meeting. We had our questions prepared this time, and we got to fit many of them into our allowed time period. Everyone enjoyed the discussion, and we had a good time. It was interesting to see everyone’s different points of views.

Next week is the final discussion, and everyone is excited. The eight graders in our group will be providing cream puffs for our group. Everyone will be finished by next week, and I hope we have a good discussion. We plan to talk about the themes in our book and we are looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks. I’m looking forward to finding out if anyone will continue reading the series. This will be a very fun discussion!


Book Discussion Post 1

7 05 2012

For my group’s book discussion, we are discussing Wednesday Wars. In this first discussion, we spent some of our time getting to know the sixth graders in our group. When we finished talking about ourselves. we started to discuss our book. All of the sixth graders had read about the first four chapters. We asked them questions that we thought of about the book, and they gave us detailed answers. It was very fun.

Next time for our book group, we plan on having them finish the first ten chapters. That way we can get farther into the discussion and finish in three weeks. I think  this will be quite simple as they are all advanced readers. In the book, cream puffs play a big part, and we have decided to bring the students in our group cream puffs in the last week. If they behave, that is. They have agreed, and I believe that we will have a very good time next week.


AOW-Environmental awareness

3 04 2012

I disagree that school aged children are less environmentally aware than older generations. Examples of older generations being more aware of the environment in my family, school, news, and the article are as follows: in my family, I try to encourage my parents to recycle more. At school, my class focused on improving the environment. In the article, kids from around the world are trying to fix their environments. In the news, many tv channels encourage kids to make a difference.

Kids can make a difference. There are many opinions about environmental awareness at the moment. Some people say that kids aren’t environmentally aware. Some say adults aren’t any better than the kids. However I do have an opinion on the matter. I believe that kids are more environmentally friendly than adults.

In the article that I read today, it talked about environmental awareness. Due to research, it seems that kids aren’t nearly as environmentally friendly as their parents or grandparents. People are saying that this generation isn’t taking the responsibility that they should to protect the environment. This can’t be true though, as I have seen many kids taking action on the environment.

Back when I was in sixth grade, we did a project to help the environment. During this project, we spread environmental awareness around the world, and picked up some litter around our school. Our class did a lot of good for the environment, and I can imagine that we aren’t the only kids trying to make a difference. I believe that taking action makes us more environmentally aware than the generations before us.

Overall, it is my view that kids are taking better care of our environment than adults. We recycle, we clean up litter, and spend time outdoors. Kids are really making a difference. We are the future of this world, and so we are trying our best to protect it.


AOW- Textbooks to Dust

22 03 2012

The textbook era is finally ending. Due to new technology, digital textbooks are making learning more efficient.

Now, with iPads and other tablets, digital textbooks are starting to make their way into classrooms. Digital textbook create the in depth experience that some students need to learn. The textbooks are interactive and can show videos, as well as show students how to work a complicated math problem, or a particularly difficult science project.

I believe that digital textbooks will benefit classrooms. Learning will become faster and more entertaining, and students will enjoy it more. Digital textbook will also take away the need for students to carry all of their textbooks with them. I believe that this is a good idea, and would work well for any classroom. 

Why Students Should Learn About the Holocaust

20 03 2012

I believe that students should learn about the holocaust so that they can prevent something like that from happening again. Students are the future of our world, if they don’t remember the mistake of the holocaust, it could happen again. “Whoever refuses to remember the inhumanity is prone to new risks of infection.”-Richard von Weizacker. Richard was right about this, and people should remember.

An issue that I find to be very important right now is Kony 2012. Kony has done many bad things, and he has hurt innocent children. If he isn’t stopped more kids will be hurt, and that should not happen. I hope that if you are reading this and you haven’t watched Kony 2012 that you will watch it.


9 03 2012

One thing I heard from a group member that stood out to me was Mckenzie’s quote. The quote was “I’d just seen the German’s answer to their Jewish problem.” This quote was in the context of the main character watching as Dozens of Jews were killed outside of her home. It’s surprising that she can be so calm in a time of such danger.

In the book that I read, it had five diaries from five teenagers who died in the holocaust. The children in the book defeated one major challenge, even though they all died in the end. All of the kids kept hope until the very end. I think it was very brave of them to do this, even in a time of such great despair.

Issues that are personally relevant to you

An issue right now that is personally relevant to me is the Kony issue. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I sug